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Where to go and What to visit in North America

Hotels in San Diego, California

Many people are saying that San Diego is the most beautiful city on earth and living there is like living in a post card. This magic city is located on the Pacific coast of California and it is famous for ...
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Hotels in Las Vegas, Nevada

Viva Las Vegas! Vegas is extraordinary and unique place. This is the only place you can spend the night drinking cocktails in ancient Rome, wake up in Egypt and have breakfast under the Eiffel Tower, observe an exploding volcano at ...
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Hotels in New York City, New York

It is not at all hard to understand why there is seemingly an endless number of songs about New York. It is hard to feel tired of exploring the metropolis because there's so much energy in New York, there's so ...
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Hotels in San Juan, Puerto Rico

The capital city of Puerto Rico is one of the top destinations in the Caribbean welcoming travelers from all over the world. San Juan is the perfect place to experience the true Puerto Rican culture. First, you should start from ...
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Hotels in Miami, Florida

Miami is called the Magic City. To most visitors, it’s mainly excitement, astonishing beaches and turquoise waters, colorful art deco buildings, surfside hotels, Cuban cafes and cigar shops, modern nightclubs and endless parties. And they’re right. This marvellous place is ...
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Hotels in Los Angeles, California

The City of Los Angeles is the most populous city in California. The second-largest city in the United States after New York City is known for its Mediterranean climate, ethnic diversity, and as a major centre of the nation’s film ...
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Hotels in Washington, District of Columbia

The USA’s capital is the heart of American politics and history. Washington DC offers plenty of museums, monuments and memorials dedicated to great American leaders. Do not miss visiting the iconic monuments, vast museums and the corridors of power which ...
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Hotels in San Francisco, California

San Francisco is located in northern California. This threshold between East and West is a craggy city on the tip of a peninsula surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay. It's known for its fog tumbling over the ...
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Hotels in Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is among the largest cities in the U.S. Founded in 1830 and established as a water transit hub, the city quickly grew to become an industrial metropolis, an international hub for finance, commerce, technology, and transportation. Chicago is all ...
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Hotels in Boston, Massachusetts

It's all about how the world defines Boston - sports and passionate fans, delicious food, art and architecture, and of course the history which recalls transformation and revolution. If you get lost in Boston, do not be scared. You are ...
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Hotels in Seattle, Washington

The largest city in Washington State is surrounded by water, beautiful mountains and evergreen forests. Seattle contains thousands of acres of parkland. It nurtured tech giants Microsoft and Amazon. The most iconic landmark of Seattle is the futuristic Space Needle ...
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Hotels in Orlando, Florida

Are you ready to take the ride of a lifetime? If yes, Orlando is the perfect place. The city in central Florida inspires unforgettable stories like nowhere else. It is time to experience your epic adventure. Be open to the ...
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Oh, North America.. You will definitely be awestruck by its beauty. It offers a combination of cultures, cuisines, vast and gorgeous landscapes, rich history and all kind of adventures.
Everybody knows the iconic cities in North America that need no introduction. It is not possible to name the top ten cities in North America. I tried but I didn’t get them all – they are just too much. If you are a beginner and think about seeing everything in one trip, forget it. It is impossible.
The small problem especially with Canada, USA and, Mexico is that they are incredibly huge. Example: You could spend three weeks just in New York and not get bored. Three weeks is a long time for a trip but not for California – you will not even cover the state.
North America is home of New York City, of Los Angeles, of San Francisco, of San Diego, of Chicago, of Washington D.C, of Boston, of Mexico City, of Houston, of Las Vegas, of Miami, and etc…etc.

Yes, you will be captivated by the skyscrapers, by the monumental history, by the story of ancient civilisations, by the beautiful nature, and by the inspiring ingenuity of America. But the American food will make you feel breathless because it is quite simply amazing! There’s much more to American cuisine than fries, burgers, street tacos, and cheese curds, but anyway prepare yourself to put on weight because the food is surprisingly good, caloric and is served in enormous portions.